A Change Won’t Come

Brittle bones waver in the wind,

as man’s red fire crackles within,

wondering souls silently creep,

whilst the ghost of autumn’s past

continues to weep. 

Fear no man, commit no sins,

the Lord forgives, or so we think.

Crystal tears as another man falls, 

forever failing to stand up tall.

Hushed flames hold us hostage, 

take us home, it’s time for justice.

Still we’ll suffocate on salient crosses,

The world never cared about our voices.



Tomorrow’s holy sun has yet to bear its fruits for us to devour,

for as humans we do not understand restrain; 

Greed is in our blood, and forgiveness is merely an afterthought.

Innocence and ignorance are the only gifts I seek

since searching for meaning means merely to exist.

This crown of thorns is befitting; Continue reading