Flames to Love

Nine lives,

Nine nights,

Nine funerals,

for kings who 

never woke to

see tomorrow.

Dust to dust,

ashes to ashes,

from the flames

rises a Phoenix,

reborn to burn 

our sins, 

and set our dreams

alight. Spreading

like wild fire,

the scorching flames 

of unconditional love

flickers again in us all.


Cyanide & Happiness

Broken wings

with the ruffled feathers,

freedom seems so far away.

But don’t you cry,

don’t you cry,

eternity is

but a second away.

Your wings will soon spread,

and flap in the wind

when life is nothing more.

So wait my child,

Please be patient,

eternity is

but a long way away.

A Change Won’t Come

Brittle bones waver in the wind,

as man’s red fire crackles within,

wondering souls silently creep,

whilst the ghost of autumn’s past

continues to weep. 

Fear no man, commit no sins,

the Lord forgives, or so we think.

Crystal tears as another man falls, 

forever failing to stand up tall.

Hushed flames hold us hostage, 

take us home, it’s time for justice.

Still we’ll suffocate on salient crosses,

The world never cared about our voices.


Dysfunctional dystopian family

Caressing the cheek of death 

Laughing vividly at the jokes

Made by Satan’s pawn,

And Satan’s spawn

Galavants joyfully in the mess

Made by the children of yesterday,

For the future never existed,

Only the present and the past 

Since the start of time. 

The Blacker the Berry…

Blinded by the flashing lights,

another blood-soaked salient night.

The darkest skin suffers severely,

still the blacker the berry

the sweeter the juice

drips crimson red, regularly 

leaving trails on the floor, Continue reading

Labour’s Lost

Crumbling sand castles, shells by the sea side, 

cascades flooding fears away,

slow and steady does the trick

as you swiftly sweep yourself away

from the slow disembowelment of your heart.

Holy is she who hopes her hurt hurts no more,

her love lingers in the air,

the scent of disapproval, 

disappointment, and hours spent wasted,

an odour once so sweet now stale.


I digress. Digest.


Love is nothing but a 4 letter word.
Silent anger, veraciousness now not a healer;

Will you ever forgive? 

Most days it rains,

often it pours, 

still I remember 

the suns beautiful rays.

I started believing in God the other day,

hoping to find something in the unknown,

something deeper than what we had, Continue reading


Tomorrow’s holy sun has yet to bear its fruits for us to devour,

for as humans we do not understand restrain; 

Greed is in our blood, and forgiveness is merely an afterthought.

Innocence and ignorance are the only gifts I seek

since searching for meaning means merely to exist.

This crown of thorns is befitting; Continue reading