Flames to Love

Nine lives,

Nine nights,

Nine funerals,

for kings who 

never woke to

see tomorrow.

Dust to dust,

ashes to ashes,

from the flames

rises a Phoenix,

reborn to burn 

our sins, 

and set our dreams

alight. Spreading

like wild fire,

the scorching flames 

of unconditional love

flickers again in us all.


Two of a Kind

Broken wings,
Words broken too 

Withering woes,
Curses made for two,

Silence screeching,
Heart feeling blue  

Severed bonds,
Between me and you.

Labour’s Lost

Crumbling sand castles, shells by the sea side, 

cascades flooding fears away,

slow and steady does the trick

as you swiftly sweep yourself away

from the slow disembowelment of your heart.

Holy is she who hopes her hurt hurts no more,

her love lingers in the air,

the scent of disapproval, 

disappointment, and hours spent wasted,

an odour once so sweet now stale.


I digress. Digest.


Love is nothing but a 4 letter word.
Silent anger, veraciousness now not a healer;

Will you ever forgive? 

Most days it rains,

often it pours, 

still I remember 

the suns beautiful rays.

I started believing in God the other day,

hoping to find something in the unknown,

something deeper than what we had, Continue reading

A Letter [7DTH]

As I sit writing in this dimly lit room, it is only fitting I call this blog post A Letter. This is a letter to my past and present, a letter to all those I have loved and hurt. This is a letter to myself.

Close to three weeks ago, nauseous, light-headed, weak and trembling, I stumbled off of my train from London to Coventry. Millions of thoughts crossed my mind; still my focus was on getting home as quickly as possible, ensuring no one would see me in such a state. As I mumbled to the cab driver my address, I looked at my reflection from my phone screen, unsure of who to call. No. I had no one to call. My first anxiety attack … and I had no one to call. Well, it’s not that I had no one to call; my pride just stopped me from admitting how weak I could be. I fell victim to my own inadequacy.
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Lost Love [7DTH]

As she whispered sweet nothings in my ear, I realised that’s exactly what it was. Nothing. There was no love, no commit, no lust. Just a couple, lost in transition.

From loneliness to false romance, her insecurities were wrapped in empty promises and pain-filled yesterday’s. Anxiety being her only friend, and depression her father; there was no messiah for this fallen angel.

As we had a discussion on a past she no longer remembered, where overthinking was a way to pass time, till time passed us, and soon it was too late – too late for the future she dreamt of as a child, she realised she was living in the shadow of her wishes.

I wish we didn’t live in should’ve beens and could’ve beens. Alas, those lost words fell on deaf ears. But maybe these words can save you. Pick up the rose young child, and keep dreaming. It’s not over.

Love and Death [7DTH]

Fallen angels and fallen petals

nothing left to save us 

except our faithless ways

for we are merely sinners,

Merely mortals, merely 

lifeless bodies and fleeting souls.

Love no longer lives here,

only death resides

in our brittle bones 

and bloodless veins.

Yet we remain vain 

When there is nothing to see

Except for an empty shell

An empty me.

Just another day 

In this lifeless body

And characterless soul.

As fallen angels 

we have a duty 

to save ourselves 

and those who pity 

The dead and the broken.

The tears from the fallen

Swimming across pale

Blood-drained faces

Praying love will prevail 

Yet only time will tell…