A Change Won’t Come

Brittle bones waver in the wind,

as man’s red fire crackles within,

wondering souls silently creep,

whilst the ghost of autumn’s past

continues to weep. 

Fear no man, commit no sins,

the Lord forgives, or so we think.

Crystal tears as another man falls, 

forever failing to stand up tall.

Hushed flames hold us hostage, 

take us home, it’s time for justice.

Still we’ll suffocate on salient crosses,

The world never cared about our voices.


The Sun’s Tirade

Serene summers

slowly seeping away 

as September seeks

its entrance to

another year, yet

stranger things

throw themselves 

at me in multitudes.

Still I smile and laugh

from dawn to dusk

with my backpack

from dawn to dusk…

A conversation on the meaning of freedom

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the meaning freedom and what it means to be free. To be more exact, I was asked the question, “what does it mean to be free?”

This is how the conversation went:

Friend: “So i’m reading this book by Osho and it was talking about how nobody wants to be free, quite deep I know. But you’re into philosophy and [I] was wondering what you thought.”

Me: “We want freedom but we’re scared of what it means to be free. Being free has the same “power” or “essence” as God…it’s unlimited. Many people think they’re free but subconsciously they know they’re not since they have to abide by the system. Freedom is a scary concept. Same way people want to know God but fear God is the same way people want freedom but fear freedom. Want me to continue?”

Friend: “Yeah, continue if you have more to say. This is interesting.”  Continue reading