Flames to Love

Nine lives,

Nine nights,

Nine funerals,

for kings who 

never woke to

see tomorrow.

Dust to dust,

ashes to ashes,

from the flames

rises a Phoenix,

reborn to burn 

our sins, 

and set our dreams

alight. Spreading

like wild fire,

the scorching flames 

of unconditional love

flickers again in us all.


And After Death…

I had a glimpse of heaven today. Or at least I thought it was heaven. The bright, blinding lights left me perplexed. The warmth I felt enticed me. It was a wondrous feeling… Until I woke up. And then all the memories came flooding back. 

I don’t know what to think of death. I mean, I’ve had interactions with death, but we’ve never spoken, we’ve never had a conversation, only fleeting moments. It seems as though death has favoured others over me and sometimes I wish she wouldn’t. 

My grandma died. Sometime in May. Life had never felt so surreal. I recall arriving home and seeing my mother sat on her bed, with the white and black duvet and pillow laid out in an odd way, as if someone had spent hours trying to make the bed but unsure as to how to do so. As my mother gave me a strained smile, her light-brown eyes telling a different story, I sat next to her and waited for her to open up to me. I had messaged my brother asking him how things at home were the day before. That was when I heard. Instead of asking her how she felt and all the following patronising questions people often ask, I waited for her to feel comfortable enough to talk to me. It was heartbreaking to see her struggle between trying keep an air of happiness in front of her children but also accept the fact that her mother, my grandmother, had passed.   Continue reading

Love and Death [7DTH]

Fallen angels and fallen petals

nothing left to save us 

except our faithless ways

for we are merely sinners,

Merely mortals, merely 

lifeless bodies and fleeting souls.

Love no longer lives here,

only death resides

in our brittle bones 

and bloodless veins.

Yet we remain vain 

When there is nothing to see

Except for an empty shell

An empty me.

Just another day 

In this lifeless body

And characterless soul.

As fallen angels 

we have a duty 

to save ourselves 

and those who pity 

The dead and the broken.

The tears from the fallen

Swimming across pale

Blood-drained faces

Praying love will prevail 

Yet only time will tell…