Fly to the heavens

heavenly grace, 

grant her great peace, 

please I pray 

her wings continue flapping 

to the sound of my heartbeat

so she can reach your gates.

O Lord accept my angel

in your open arms.

Arm her with love stronger

than mine.


Symmetry and Confusion

What is life but a cigarette butt 

and a withering rose…

like ashes blowing away in the wind,

dust to dust, 

we return to what we once were. 

The circle ends where it begins, 

and so the beginning of the end 

is a never ending cycle 

of existing and being. 

Death is life 

and life is death, 

the laws of equivalent exchange 

can never be changed nor manipulated. 

Stop searching for answers to questions you haven’t yet understood. You ask what is life but do you know what to live means? Do you know who you are?